Oh, my couch... how I've missed you!

It was a busy, fun weekend. Work is always much more fun when we have singers and musicians and creative-types around, and it was lovely to have those luxuries in the dead of winter. The weather was mild enough on Saturday to walk Boo over to work for some playtime with MC, the librettist of An Inspector from Rome, and LB, a singer that I met waaaay back in my Pittsburgh days. And yesterday we had a little performance for some good friends and our commission partners that was oodles of fun! Add of top of that a site visit from some visiting designers, a room teardown and reset, a rough anniversary, a romantic holiday and a trip to Balitmore and, well, you have a jam-packed weekend.

And now I'm tired. I have a filthy house, a fat ass and a headache, and am not terribly excited about confronting any of the items on my to-do list. Maybe by nursing this last cup of coffee, googling crock-pot recipes and pulling on my gym clothes I'll at least start the ball rolling.

Here's hoping!

My five:
  1. Comfy shoes
  2. Pasta...mmmm
  3. February being more than halfway over - wheeee!
  4. Silly books
  5. A late-week kidnap!


vkwheels said…
is that really your couch?
rahree said…
nope. my is mossy green and much ...er...more lived in.

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