It's Mardi Gras! Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Or something like that...

After a late, carb-laden dinner last night, I kinda feel like the good times have already, well, rolled. And I'm totally ok with it... my "good time" this evening will involve some chocolate, a good book, an early bedtime, and perhaps a bath in between... how's that for a ca-RAZY night?!

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the day that marks the start of Lent. I traditionally dig Lent...it's a time to turn inward, to reflect and contemplate, to do without, to sacrifice. I usually try to give something up, do something constructive, and find time to reflect & meditate... just giving up something seems less fulfilling, without giving back somehow. It's also a time of year that I usually get back to church, at least for a little bit... in years past, I've been grabbed by a reading, hymn or homily that has resonated with me, giving me something to meditate on. This year, I've not found that kind of comfort in any number of churches. And I find myself casting about for a bit of a rudder, with which to navigate these suddenly unfamiliar seas.

There are many areas in my life that I feel like I could improve in...work, marriage, friendships. There are plenty of things that I could forego that would make me healthier or richer...chocolate, gadgets, butter, booze. So, do I pick some rituals, and hope that the spirituality follows? Do I force myself to keep trying churches? Do I investigate an alternate religion, learn about another faith tradition?

I'm not sure. I think I'm making good strides toward the reflection part, anyway.

My five:
  1. Mail-order catalogs.
  2. Sesame seeds.
  3. Hats.
  4. Baths.
  5. Clean slates.


Leslie said…
With Purim's booze-fest coming up, Judaism becomes a very appealing option. I know someone who could teach you a thing or two about the Heebs if you're interested...

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