2.28.09 Running to Stand Still

Oh, Bono, you unknowingly have summed up my entire February.

I've been late on a number of deadlines. (I think the Finance Department at work might revoke my "Plays-well-with-others" card. ) I've been making endless lists that just keep carrying forward. I'm running to work, and running away as soon as possible. My files are a total wreck. As is my home. And my car.

And, even though nothing's been accomplished - or perhaps due to the vast amounts of un-accomplishment - I'm tense. Sore shoulders, neck, and balancing on the cusp of getting sick/not getting sick.

And while today I'd love nothing more than to stay grubby and just clean/tidy/organize, I have a handful of lessons to teach mid-afternoon. On one hand, it's a bummer, because it splits my day up into 2 chunks and I don't have the time I need to really accomplish the things I'd like to. But, on the other hand, it's a welcome change of pace, and it's a fine measure to ensure that I finish the things that are really important before I head over to teach. Gym, chores, teach, loaf...actually, not a bad Saturday!

SO, in the next 3 hours I need to:
  • strip the bed
  • start laundry
  • vacuum up a small percentage of the pervasive black animal hair swirling around my house
  • make a grocery list - actually look in the cupboards & fridge to see what we actually need
  • put away the clean laundry from last week (oops...)
  • clean myself up
Putting the computer away, setting the kitchen timer for 2 hours, and getting as much done as possible. Wish me luck!

My five:
  1. Extra Strawberry-Banana Gum. Sickly-sweet and wonderful.
  2. New blowdryer than blows warm air! Amazing!
  3. The end of February.
  4. A possible impending snow day? Fingers crossed!
  5. Daydreaming.


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