I went to bed early last night. Actually? Unreasonably early. Like 8:30pm early.

The dog totally beat me to it. Was lying crosswise across the whole bed. (He always hogs the bed.) I sat up and read just until the cat hopped up and curled up on my chest, and then page-turning logistics got a little too difficult to deal with.

And I slept. Really slept. All night, with a few momentary wake-ups. Woke up at 6 - normal time - feeling refreshed, but a little out of sorts.

Because I dreamed. And in my dreams I was in a strange circumstance. Meeting friends that I no longer speak with, due to distance or falling-out. In a strange house, a strange school that were both somehow familiar.

And for some reason, it's sticking with me a little bit, that wonky feeling. It's not a feeling of dread or of excitement...it's hard to characterize, but it's put me a little left of center this morning. And it's okay. It's been awhile since I've felt unsettled...I'm going to try to just live with it, see what happens.

To start? Large cup of coffee (praise the Java Gods that my little espresso maker is back! Oh, how I lurve thee!!), and once it's light enough, a spin around town with the pup in the snow! And, if I play my cards right, I'll have time to get some stew in the crockpot before heading to work.

And here's a question: What songs have been stuck in your head lately? I've been rocking back and forth between "I like to move it move it", Jason Mraz's "I'm yours", to which I most certainly don't know all or even most of the words, the "Miles" cadenza from Turn of the Screw, and about 5 others. Put me out of my misery...let me know that I'm not alone, and give me a new tune to put on constant mental repeat. New earworm, please.

My five:
  1. Being off balance.
  2. Steeler victories. Why, yes, I'm from Sixburgh!!
  3. Having a hubby who always wakes up in a good mood. He's a sunny guy.
  4. Fresh snowfall.
  5. Healthy routines.


dkz said…
you are not alone! I have learned to enjoy the random earworms that bore into my head daily. A few of the latest:
-the horn (synth) lick from "Toxic". yes, Brittany, don't judge me.
-"Caleb Meyer" by GIllian Welch. If you don't know her, find her.
-Ill-met by moonlight and several other places in MIDSUMMER, for obv reasons
-Esmerelda Spalding is another gift you should give yourself.

rahree said…
OMG - "caleb meyer, yer ghost is gonna wear those rattlin' chains, but when i go to sleep at night, don't you call my name!" I though I was the only one who totally dug that tune! AWESOME!

I'm going now to check out Esmerelda Spalding... thanks!

(and Britney? all good. I have a few JTimberlake tunes in heavy rotation for days that need it...)
Unknown said…
here's mine:


(wasn't sure if i could embed or not)


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