2.5.09 Brrrr!

It's officially a three-hat day in the DC area. Hoo-BOY is it cold!
(Hear that? That's the sound of Pennsylvanians mocking me for going soft.)

From the bottom:
Hiking shoes, from our 08-09 New Years Trip to San Fran. There are little cleat-y things that help me dig in when Boo decides to veer off course.

Socks. At least ankle-high, preferably knee socks. I heart knee socks.

Running tights. Mmmm..toasty. I totally forgot that they were in my closet, so today was the first wearing. It will not be the last!

Velour pants. Because no one really needs to see me wearing running tights. Imagine Mary Lou Retton without the muscle tone. Ew.

Long-Sleeve T shirt.

Wool sweater. It's a long burgundy crewneck from the sale rack at Banana Republic, and I practically live in it.

Polarfleece hoodie.

Northface jacket, pockets stocked with gloves, dog treats and poop bags.

Compression cap. It leaves seam lines on my puffy, sleepy forehead and squishes my bedhead into total sumbmission. But it's just about impervious to wind.

Polarfleece cap. For toastiness, and also so I don't look like such a pinhead from the compression cap.

With the hoodie over the top.

And it was STILL cold! For me...pup wasn't bothered by it at all...go figure. I always feel a little bit like Randy from The Christmas Story ("...I can't put my arms down!!"), but boy, am I happy to have all those clothes on once the wind starts blowing!

If you're going outside today, dress warmly! And if you don't have to, don't...it might be a perfect day to call in Cold to work, grab a book, a blanket and a cup of cocoa, and work on the dent in your couch. Seriously. I will be at my desk, but with a heating pad on my lap, slippers on my feet, and a large mug of something warm at my desk. Guaranteed.

My five:
  1. Layers, baby....layers!
  2. Mashed potatoes with cheddar cheese...the breakfast of CHAMPIONS.
  3. Purple. Pretty.
  4. Blueberry tea.
  5. Atomic fire balls.


Unknown said…
It is not winter until the heat makes my frozen fingers hurt and it only happened a few times today. You are getting too warm blooded. :)

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