2.8.09 lalalalaLAAAAA!

I started this blog when I left my teaching job to work in the opera biz. It was the right choice for me, and after almost three (!) years, I'm still loving what I'm doing.

But that's not to say that I don't miss teaching. As a singer who thrives on rehearsal rather than performance, I love the nuts-and-bolts. Really getting into a song, taking baby steps to reform a bad habit, I love losing minutes in pursuit of a beautiful tone, an inspired reading. I taught a few students when we first established the private lesson program at work, and while I enjoyed the students they were very young, and I was still a little burned out after almost 10 years of teaching. Add into the mix the rigors of learning a new job and, well, it wasn't a great fit. The switch from left-brain to right-brain was a little more than my peanut could handle!

So, if I wanted to make music I could start singing again, right? Except I'm not so much wanting to sing for other people anymore. In my car? Fine. Shower? Excellent. In my office when I'm there after hours? Totally. While walking the dog is a constant...the WiseSoprano facebooked me the Italian lyrics to "I like to move it move it" ("Mi piace se ti muove" if you're interested. Thank you, RC and Italian MTV), so now I sing to the dog in Italian as we walk. He's fairly nonplussed about the whole thing, really.

When the voice teacher at work couldn't take all of the students that had registered, they asked me to teach a few lessons. Saturday afternoons, just a little chunk of time...perfect! And after two short weeks, I'm back in the zone...one singer looking at classical rep, one at jazz, both with lovely natural instruments and a real willingness to work. I'm hooked. Again.

And singing, again. And it feels good. I'm waaaay past the point of wanting to make a career from making noise, but I still enjoy it. And it's nice to know that all the pieces still work!

My five:
  1. Wet walnuts. Walnuts in sugar syrup. I bought them on a whim, because my dad loved them and I'm missing him a lot recently. Good call, dad.
  2. Laughing with hubby over nothing at all. Good times!
  3. Wearing the dog out. He was asleep by 8pm. My job here is done. :)
  4. My new favorite scent. I totally heart this.
  5. Silly kitties...here's this week's fav

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smart kitteh

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