Happy March!

We're celebrating as most of the eastern seaboard is... with snow. We were supposed to get a little bit of sleet overnight, but woke up to a winter wonderland! It'd be a little depressing except that Boo LOVES it...the morning game of frisbee was too much fun and much too short by his doggie standards. And the weatherman says there's more coming! I'm actually really energized by the thought of a day spent nesting, cooking, cleaning, walking in the snow, and sticking close to home.

My five:
  1. Snow. You can take the girl out of Pennsylvania...
  2. Days devoid of devoirs.
  3. When hubby takes the dog out for his morning walk, and lets me sleep in.
  4. Sore muscles. Proof that I worked hard yesterday!
  5. Sunday paper... aaahhh


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