3.12.09 ghosts of lives past

You know how seeing or hearing from an old friend can knock you back into Nostalgia-Land before you can say "Warp-speed"?

I'm so there.

After a relatively easy morning at the DMV (finally I have my Virginia license plates! Guess that means that I'm officially a resident of the Old Dominion. Though I'm still waiting on the carton of smokes and the fifth of Beam that Welcome Wagon was supposed to bring by...), I had coffee with my mentor from grad school. Talking opera, dramatic structure, conflict made me remember why I love the arts, why I choose to work for and with them.

Two friends from grad school called at different points in the day. They're both singing, which makes me kinda wish I was...but only for a moment.

I got lovely emails from a singer who's returning to work for us this summer, and who shares one of my brain-crushes.

And in the fabulous land of Facebookia, I had a message from a close friend from undergrad whose currently living in Poland...aka The Motherland. It made me hungry for long, coffee-soaked conversations in Scotland Yard, where clock hands stop still and the chocolate cake counts as least two meals.

Add to those several recent dreams about old buddies, and I'm happily in a state of extended remembrances...

My five:
  1. connection.
  2. crazy dreams.
  3. kettlebell class - who would've thunk it?
  4. jawbreakers.
  5. rituals.


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