3.14.09 random quotes and recharging

Today has been all about recharging...although it didn't start out that way.

The alarm went off at 7am. Hubby took the dog out, and I started the caffeine infusion. Now, my usual happy Saturday includes quite a bit of loafing, so moving at the crack of dawn wasn't really fun. I was tired, and sore from a little more gym time than a regular week. A lazy morning weighing down the couch (those suckers tend to float away if you're not diligent about keeping them anchored...) was just what I wanted. But by quarter after 8 I was in the car, and was on the rowing machine at the gym by 8:30. My trainer, LG, was kind enough to reschedule my missed Thursday appointment for the weekend, so if she was up and awake I was going to do the same. But I started the hour with a qualifier; "I'm not quite awake today, so maybe rather than growing foggier and dumber by the end of the workout I'll actually wake up and be more coherent by the end."


The session went quickly...and as we wrapped up she looked at me and said "I like it when you're sleepy...you don't fight me on the exercises as much."

Fight? Moi?!?

(She's a great trainer...and she puts up with all my push-back with grace and humor. I should pay her extra for it...)

Next on the docket? Quality time with a bestie from grad school. There's never quite enough time to convey all of the important information that we've missed, leading different lives in different parts of the country. But it's so good to see her, to see firsthand the progress she's made and the newfound comfort she has in her skin. Good stuff, all!

A few lessons followed..boy, do I enjoy these one-on-one opportunities to reconnect with art, to focus on someone else, to be challenged and challenge. I'm glad to have the occasion, and to have some thoughtful, hard-working students.

And now? I'm post-dinner, pondering a shamefully early bedtime, reading Anne Lamott's book on faith and reflecting on my own.

I had the opportunity to recharge myself physically through a challenging workout and healthy eating (ok, so maybe the froyo isn't technically healthy, but it's good for my soul.), to rekindle a treasured relationship through an afternoon of chat, to renew my appreciation for both teachers and students, to refresh my musical skills, to revisit the place that faith has in my life.

It's been a full day. And I still have quite a bit of thinking to do.

My five:
  1. Clorox bleach. Smells like clean.
  2. Getting lost in a good book.
  3. Feeling like a part of something bigger than just me.
  4. Not knowing the answers.
  5. Hagen Daaz Dulce de Leche frozen yogurt. Blisssss....

And today's random quote, overheard in the grocery store parking lot. A dad to his 8-9 year-od son; "Wow, I just burped and farted at the same time: that's called multi-tasking."


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