Lazy morning, long walk with the dog, easy workout at the gym.

Daydreaming...feeling like something is going to happen, but not having any clue as to what it might be, whether it might be positive or negative.

Spending the evening making a mess of the kitchen...tuscan white bean soup, grilled bread, glass of wine.

Magazines, books, warm slippers. Trying to stay alert long enough to walk the dog again and clean the kitchen before becoming one with the couch.

Stiff neck, untouched by exercise and advil. The only real drag of the day.

I'm feeling very lucky for what I have, very blessed. But at the same time there's something nagging at me, out of focus and still out of reach...

Wonder what it could be?

My five:
  1. Walking in the rain.
  2. Dishwashers. (I'm to messy to survive without!)
  3. Dr. Bronner. He's a crazy man, but he makes a good soap.
  4. Daylight after 6:30pm
  5. Creative endeavors.


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