Many, many things going through my head this morning...all good, but still there's a dearth of space and a definite lack of through-line. So, sadly, all the blogosphere will get from me today is a glorified to-do list, just so I can keep myself on track.

  • Coffee (always the first thing on the list.) check - currently on cup #2 of eleventy-twelve. Seriously, how would I function in the world without espresso?
  • Walk the dog - check. And even though it's sunny out today, it's COLD. I do not approve.
  • Shower & get ready for work. Pack extra clothes to change into for this evening's concert. (Lara St. John is premiering a piece that we commissioned. I'm pretty excited!) It's going to be a 14-hour day, easily. Comfortable shoes and a muscle relaxer for my back are, sadly, needed as well.
And then work odds and ends - these are the pieces that I keep forgetting that I HAVE to get done today.
  • Wire the second commission payment to the Australian composer for the new piece.
  • Finish tweaking designer contracts...this dance of clauses and language might just kill me. I did my first drafts in January, and it's late March...ugh.
  • Process all the contracts we've received. Start the second round of dunning for the holdouts who haven't sent their materials in.
  • Proof more ad and brochure copy. It's endless this time of year.
  • Write an article for the newsletter.
  • Hire interns.
  • Record accompaniments and voice tracks for my Saturday lessons and Monday class.
  • Move the digital piano into my classroom for Monday.
  • Reconcile January & February's budget.
  • Send measurement sheets to the costume designers.

Lawdy there's lots to do! I guess I should be grateful that today's a long day...

My five:
  1. Sunshine - no matter that it's chilly, I'm so happy that it's not grey today!
  2. Re-learning how to be in the moment. Damn you, Eckhardt Tolle.
  3. Busy days.
  4. Meaningful conversation.
  5. Being more capable than I give myself credit for...took apart 2 icemaker mechanisms and used the parts to fix my freezer. No duct tape necessary. And I do in fact have ice, and not a wet floor. Take THAT, MacGuyver!


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