3.2.09 It's HEEERRREEE!!!

I'm officially living in a snow globe!

Finally we're on the receiving end of a respectable snowfall. Not a snowfall that fails to materialize, or that ends up being terribly stingy with the accumulation...no. This morning we work up to several inches on the ground, and a swirling white sky. Snow is falling, blowing, doing everything short of melting. It's gorgeous!

The cable is on the fritz so the house is quiet...the office is opening a few hours late, so I have a little bit of found time this morning. Time enough to walk the dog, turn on the iPod, get some chili or brisket started in the crock-pot, and maybe even to finish one of the three books I've almost finished.

It'd be a lie of omission to not admit that I'm checking the phone message at work in hopes that the office remains closed today... not that I'm worried about getting there or home, since it's just a hop-skip away. But because having another Sunday on Monday sounds like the bestest thing ever. And heck, once a teacher, always a teacher. :)

My five:
  1. Snow. (uh, duh!)
  2. Boo's antics in the snow - I'll post a video if I can. Awesome!
  3. Yaktrax. Best. Invention. Ever. (for clumsy people, at least.)
  4. New stories. (even more incentive to finish the trio of hangers-on!)
  5. Wishes. This impending snow, and the associated wishful hopefulness has felt like playing the lottery - and today it feels a little bit like I've won.


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