3.21.09 in the moment

I had a great conversation with a friend the other day about being in the moment... the challenges that I have, as an adult, with paying undivided attention to someone or something. There are chores and to-do lists, and devoirs, and honey-do lists and bucket lists and five-year plans...all things that are good, and interesting, or at the least necessary.

But are they? Really necessary?

Is it a wonder that we crave connection? That we think back fondly on long conversations with college friends? That the internet serves as surrogate for actual conversation?

I attended a concert this evening. The program was challenging from both the performers and audience...Beethoven was the lightest-sounding item on the menu. Bartok, Schoenberg, a Liszt arrangement, Ravel, and a commissioned work called Maralinga (about atomic testing in aboriginal Australia...) by composer Matthew Hindson made for some heavy listening.

And the audience hung in. Listened. Wrestled. Fought their way around. They were totally unsure what to expect from moment to moment; and yet totally engaged, totally in the moment.

I was, too.

Thanks, LSJ and MK for a wonderful evening, and a lovely zen practice session. Even from the last row of the balcony I was right there with you.

My five:
  1. New music...I will choose new and challenging over the classical music canon any day.
  2. Laughter. Can we ever have too much? Don't think so.
  3. Guacamole.
  4. My first night as a #1 at work. Woo-hoo! Thanks for trusting me... I don't thing anything went too awfully awry...
  5. Time to unwind.


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