3.22.09 Mulch 14, Rahree 0

I'm whupped. And it's not even 4pm.

Spent a little too long at work yesterday, and got very little done around the house, so today was make-up day. Cleaned the house (in 3 hours! It's amazing how much more I hustle when I put the kitchen timer on and only work for the time allotted. maybe I should transition that to my work life...) and started working through the mountain of laundry.

But it was a beautiful day, I was grungy from cleaning the house, and I had a flat of pansies that really needed to get out of their little containers, to boot. Time for a trip to Home Depot! Grabbed a flat, and headed toward the mulch section.

By the way, mulch is HEAVY.

Somehow I loaded 10 bags of mulch into my little 2-door coupe without shredding a bag, losing control of the flat (well, almost...my foot will be fine, though), or running over the hordes of church ladies aimlessly standing in the middle of every aisle, looking helpless. I figured that I had enough to cover the 2 beds that line the driveway, and the small bed near the walk.


After clearing sticks from the yard and laying down the mulch, I was headed back to Home Depot. I picked up more mulch (still heavy...maybe even heavier after hoisting all those bags in and out of my car), a new trowel, and a diet coke - yard work is thirsty business! And, to reward myself for not running over the newest batch of clueless church ladies, I bought myself some more pansies.

I still don't have enough mulch. I'm guessing each bag was close to 20 pounds...if I moved each bag twice, I've lifted over 500 pounds today.

(No gym time necessary today.)

But I'm done. The yard looks better, the house is clean, and I'm tired. On the docket for the evening? Perhaps a mani-pedi, but more likely a glass of wine, some time puttering in the kitchen, and a bit of reading.

Hope that your evening is similarly relaxing!

My five:
  1. Flowers.
  2. Crazy dreams.
  3. Letting the wind comb my hair.
  4. Driving in the sun.
  5. Singing.


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