I've been at work too much for March. Midnight on Friday, went in for a few hours on Saturday, Home at 9pm Monday, and will not get home before 9pm this evening. At this rate, come June I'll be living in my office!

One of the things that gets my day started is my morning constitutional with the dog. And since I'm a little too tired and a little under-caffeinated to write anything interesting (Oh, except you should check this out - I was inspired, and proud to be a part of it.) I'll post some shots from my walk. It's an iPhone camera, so the quality's not great, but it was a pretty morning.

And another things that I'm proud of? Look at that mulch! (Not around the house - I of course didn't buy enough to do the bushes around the house...duh) but around the pansies? Golden. I'm a mulching fiend!

(And still sore from lifting all that mulch. Ugh.)

Here's my five for today:
  1. Crossing things off the list.
  2. Inspiration.
  3. Trying a different method.
  4. Making music with others.
  5. Comfortable shoes. And uncomfortable, beautiful shoes.


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