It's after midnight.

Left work after 11pm, on a non-performance (well, for me) night.

It's too early for 14-hour days. I mean, it's not even April yet!

So I'm sitting with my buddy Dave. (Letterman). And my other buddy, Cavit. And my best buddy, Boo, who can't figure out for the life of me why I'm not in bed yet.

I don't know why, either.

(The cat is, however, thrilled to have an audience, and is racing around the living room like a dervish. Dude. Chill.)

My five:
  1. Scary kitty - Lucky is quite the little vaudevillian!
  2. A late start tomorrow...er, today. Damn.
  3. This. I never get tired of spying on nature.
  4. Unwinding...I swear that I can actually feel myself uncoil, like a watch spring.
  5. Small kindnesses.


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