It's officially spring!

I know, I know...the vernal equinox, the "real" first day of Spring, was over a week ago. But over the last year, it's become clear that spring really begins when the Box Office opens and our summer season goes on sale.


Our opera-folks start arriving in about a month-and-a-half. (the realization of which just made my stomach turn a little...eek.) Not to say that there's not a gajillion things to do before they arrive, but work is more fun when we're making art, rather than preparing to make art.

In other, non-related "news" (in quotes because, well, it's just not all that interesting), after a week's hiatus I made it back to the gym. AND went for a jog this evening. AND in between met a friend for a tasty lunch...I think the double workout makes up for the crepe and mimosas, right? I'm pretty sure they cancel each other out. I'm certainly not going to let a week slip by again before getting a workout in, though, as neither the morning workout or evening jog were pretty. And, since I've gone and signed up for a 5k, I'd like to run it without collapsing into a blubbery red heap at the end - or, God forbid - before the end. But it was close to a perfect day: lazy morning, workout, lunch with Mischabelle, teaching - with some great student progress! - a walk with Boo, a little jog, and now some bad tv and a nightcap before an early evening.

Just. Lovely.

My five:
  1. Candlelight.
  2. Frites. (sans "s", Mademoiselle!)
  3. Dirty brass...it's a jazz kind of evening.
  4. Wind chimes. And wind.
  5. Looking forward to tomorrow.


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