3.3.09 instead of 5, 12!

oh the interwebs have many, many fabulous things floating around. things currently making me happy:

  • this. and i promise i'm not high.
  • this. because i spent hours in middle school writing my name instead of doing homework.
  • this. because i don't think enough about how much i consume, but i'm trying.
  • this. because the beauty doesn't cease-to-be because we stop paying attention.
  • this. sent to me as a response to one of my screw ups, meant to say "It's all good." Or maybe "I still think Jo's hot." I'm a little unclear on the exact details...
  • this. my new work strategy.
  • this. my new go-to website, with a post made just for me.
And don't even get me started on TEDtalks...I'm still trying to catch up on all the awesomeness.

So five things I'm grateful for?
  1. teh interwebs.
  2. leisure time.
  3. knee socks.
  4. savvy waiters (free profiteroles here last weekend. nice move, monsieur!)
  5. care packages from mom. we're never too old to love getting presents from mom, are we?


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