3.4.09 creature of habit

Hubby and Boo just went outside. No news there.

Most weekday evenings we follow a similar routine: we come home and someone lets the dog out to run off some steam. (We're still relying on the crate because Boo is an anxious chewer. And he really only likes to chew on stuff that costs over $50, or has great sentimental value. What can I say, my boy's got taste!) We change out of our work clothes, I start puttering in the kitchen and hubby deals with his last volley of work email. We eat together, and Boo gets to do the pre-rinse cycle if he's lucky. One of us cleans the kitchen while the other deals with email, snail mail, etc. Then Boo and I set out on our evening constitutional. (As a side note: I started out with 2 hats and my Yaktrax, and lost them all by the end of the walk! A harbinger of spring?) After our return it's "Go Time" - when hubby and Boo wrestle on the floor for the better part of a half-hour.

After wrestling? Outside. It's a routine.

After that we spend a little bit of time surfing the web, reading, and on a bad night, just throwing in the towel and hitting the hay. It's certainly not glamorous, but it suits us pretty well. I'm happiest when I'm making a mess of the kitchen, and Hubby's happiest when he's raising hell with the dog....the fact that we both have those opportunities most every night? Together? Priceless.

The routine is especially helpful this year... the universe was very kind to me last year after February, probably because I wouldn't have been able to handle much more than "kind." But this year? All bets are off, and there are big questions to ask and as-yet unforeseen big things to deal with. I think I'm ready... to support, rather than be supported, to raise my commitment to the people and things that matter to me.

My five:
  1. routine.
  2. buds on the trees.
  3. daydreaming.
  4. planning. (3 and 4 can be the same, but can be vastly different, eh?)
  5. nice people. there are lots of you out there, and I think you're neat! (i know i'm a Pollyanna, but if you're lucky I'll buy you a cherry soda at Woolworths.)


Anonymous said…
Hmmm...a small, hungry, sleepy, poopy thing to support? With less fur than Boo? :)
rahree said…
Hahaha! Nope, hubby won't let me buy a hairless chinchilla... & if it's anything else, I'll be much more direct!

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