Daylight Savings Time is here! YAY!

My mother - and several other folks I know - abhor this time change. It sets her off her rocker...makes her feel like she's lost her ballast. I mean, if she isn't even sure what time it is, can she be sure of anything? I see where she's coming from, but I really relish the off-centered feeling of this time of year. It's a great time to start listening to myself & my internal rhythms, rather than using external cues to tell me what to do and how to do it. And while the morning started much earlier than I really wanted (seems that my internal alarm clock was set much later than our electric one...go figure), I watched the sun rise during my morning constitutional with the pup, and listened to the amazing volumes of birdsong. It's not warm yet, but it's certainly hat-optional, which is a wonderful change. And rather than doing our usual spin around the block, we got almost 2 miles in, which felt lovely.

Life is starting to get a little busier, a little tenser. Between work duties, home duties, office politics and family politics, it's been more intense than I remember from years past. The analogy that keeps coming to mind is that of a flower press. I'm stuck between sheets of glass, and little by little people and events turn the screws that flatten me...never mind that I see myself as something fairly uncrushable, like a thistle. I seem to turn into a violet, just waiting to be smooshed. But after a handful of days with the Uncles in Rehoboth, talking and playing in the sand and eating and drinking well, I'm feeling more substantial, less, er...smooshable. Let's hope the feeling holds!

I'm thankful for:
  1. This shot of warm weather -it's been a total Godsend.
  2. Generous family...the Uncles are so good to us.
  3. Sea-tumbled quartz. I collected a whole hatful on the beach this weekend.
  4. Time to reconnect with hubby.
  5. Longer days.


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