4.11.09 link-o-rama

It's a lazy morning in the Rahree house. The weather is gloomy and wet, and even though Boo and I were up and out the door at 7, we've found our way back to that place between napping and wakefulness. (Having a toasty warm, snuggly cat on my lap and a little Oren Lavie on the iPod helps, too.) It's been a good week with lots of laughter and music and friends, and I'm curled up in the afterglow, thinking about jam sessions and making plans for some pre-season vacation time.

On this gloomy morning, let me distract you from your list of chores with some links that I'm loving...
  • These. And the company name is brilliant. I like Critique and Series, myself...
  • I'm a huge fan of The Big Picture, pictoral essays from Boston.com. It being Holy Week, there's a photo essay on Catholicism. The photos are beautiful from an artistic standpoint, but also deeply disturbing... the traditional costuming means something so different in our modern world. I couldn't stop looking at #31, couldn't keep from framing my faith in that viewpoint, and finding it (my faith, that is) sorely lacking.
  • Easter egg ice cubes. I will never have the time (or inclination, probably) to do this, but it's cute.
  • If you're feeling a little evil, or just needing to stick to your diet, may I suggest this?
  • Seasonal creativity...as good as the Bloomies Christmas windows in NYC. 
Today I have an appointment with a treadmill, a few voice lessons to teach, some keyboard noodling to, well...noodle, and a hankering to make a total mess of my kitchen by trying something new and tasty for dinner. Or dessert. Or both. 

My five:
  1. Fuzzy blankets for cold feet.
  2. Time at the piano.
  3. Pawprints on wood floors.
  4. Daydreams.
  5. Birdsong.


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