TV is fun. Super fun!

After a mad cleaning frenzy, Liz Crenshaw and her producer Murray and cameraman Chester came to the house to film a consumer segment on the SlapChop. I'm tickled that Ho'H suggested me, and so appreciative that SingleGirl took time off work to babysit Boo. You guys ROCK!

We started by closing all the blinds and watching the commercial dvd several times. (I swear. It was the infomercial. There was no porn involved.) The commercial is actually pretty ridiculous...he keeps equating boring food with a boring life, but somehow boring food in itty-bitty-tiny pieces is no longer boring! Go figure!

Then we rearranged the furniture in the kitchen to create a playing surface. (Hubby has wanted to get a rolling butcher block table for months, now, and after this I'm ready as well!) I had a list of items from the producer that I purchased at the grocery store, and we spent about an hour slapping and chopping. Eggs, celery, carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, nuts. (One of the infomercial lines was "You should see my nuts." I kid you not. And I'd like to show you what happens to men who make bad puns on national tv.) The best part? You totally can put a whole clove of garlic in that bad boy, slap it once, and the papery skin falls off. Worth. Its. Weight. In. Gold.

It was a little crazy...once the camera rolled I couldn't pay attention to Chester or Murray, couldn't look into the camera (whoops...I'm sure I did a few times), and I lost all language skills. Wow, will I ever be able to speak in front of people without sounding like a dork? *shakes the magic 8 ball* "Signs point to NO."

When we finished, we tried to get the animals to eat, for another segment on pet foods. Kitty totally pulled a Garbo and freaked out at the camera and the lights. (I think I'm still bleeding from one well-placed gauge.) But Boo totally rose to the occasion and snarfed half a dish of food noisily in .5 seconds.

He's totally going to be famous.

My five:
  1. New opportunities.
  2. Uncharted territory.
  3. Mistakes. Even when they're huge - heck, especially when they're huge, they're the best teachers.
  4. Sunshine. I totally don't feel like a weather-related crying jag today, for the first time in days!
  5. Friends.


Anonymous said…
That's awesome! I'll have to look for it on their site.

I think something about Liz Crenshaw makes her guinea pigs freak out. I was the "first person she made bleed" -- yup, shaving on camera. Oi.
vkwheels said…
slap chop - still sounds like porn to me

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