4.18.09 Lazy Evening

I'm watching Yes Man, a movie with Jim Carey. I've missed a large part of the film due to a necessary obligation (Dog walk. Duh. ), but there's a big scene with a Ducati motorcycle, a hospital gown, and Journey's "Separate Ways" blasting.

I love Journey. And I can probably still sing any number of their big tunes. (Who are we kidding? The night is young - I probably will be singing a number of their big tunes!)

The best part of the movie? (Qualified answer, as I only saw the first few scenes and then the end.)
"Well, then, let's be scared together. Say yes."

I love it! The message is not to be brave, not to be correct. Be scared. Be uncertain. Make mistakes. Do great things. Or maybe just do. Make connections. Ease a burden. Give a little more. Push the envelope.

Say yes.

My five:
  1. An overdue, sunny weekend. I feel like a new woman!
  2. Massage. A totally overlooked ministry, but Godlike nonetheless.
  3. Bare legs and sandals. Aaahhhh...
  4. Open windows.
  5. Yes.
For you Journey fans, here's a parting shot.


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