4.19.09 impromptu dinner

Thank God for Facebook.

As of 11:30 this morning, my husband had invited several people over to the house for dinner. Two of the people invited were caterers. That's correct...two of our guests make their livings cooking for other folks.

For money.

And I have eaten their food and found it totally transcendent. They are Ecuadorian culinary rock stars, and their tres leches cake will melt your undergarments, it's that good.

(Can you say PRESSURE?)

And, let's add into the equation that I melted my stove on Wednesday. No warming drawer, no last-minute nuke...no safety net. Even the Slap Chop couldn't save me.


I posted my status (without solace, totally clueless, stranded with nary a culinary ambition) on Facebook. And the overwhelming advice {started by the lovely JvE} ran along the lines of "If you have wine, everything will be fine."

At 5pm, we had a house full of hungry people. Hungry people with fairly savvy palates.

I had wine. Lots. (Not personally, but on hand. Well...maybe personally AND on hand.) Plus homemade bruschetta and guac, burgers and salad and veggies. And the lovely DaisyGirl and her hubby K brought dessert: strawberries and angel food cake. Yum!

And, between the wine and the food and the conversation? Everything fell into place in the most lovely, organic kind of way. It was a fabulous evening, exemplified by the fact that DaisyGirl and MiAmore totally clicked across the table...I am happiest when my friends love each other! And the boys had a great time, too... I'm hoping that I didn't miss any negative subtleties, and that the lovefest that I perceived was in fact the reality.

So, Miss JvE and my other, fabulous, culinarily gifted friends...you totally made this evening a success for me - the ideas, the confidence, the support! {The solar oven? Awesome idea...but I'm so wishing it wasn't overcast this evening!!!} I love that I can get support from friends that are thousands of miles away, in real time. It's an amazing thing, and something for which I feel amazingly grateful.

My five:
  1. Ridiculous, fabulous daydreams.
  2. The Edies.
  3. Bliss lotion. One of my favorite, stinkest elementary school memories is rubbing my dad's feet after a long day. He would've loved this stuff.
  4. Red lipstick.
  5. Snapdragons.


Melear said…
Mmmmm...feel free to repeat this summer...and invite me!

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