4.20.09 out of sorts

The weather is cold and rainy again. I'm playing with less than a full deck, due to beverage-related overindulgences. And, to add insult to injury, my Gourmet magazine arrived in the mail today...to mock me and my stoveless existence.


I got quite a bit done at work today. The trees behind my office have grown all leafy and green, all in the space of two days. I was gifted with tea and munchies - yum! Heroes is on the tube, and hubby scheduled a little R&R for us at the lake next week. So, really? A good day.

Tomorrow's challenge? Rail against the weather to get a run or workout in before hitting the office. Wish me luck.

My five:
  1. Clean, warm laundry.
  2. Take out. I'm becoming quite the connoisseur.
  3. Sesame sticks.
  4. Coconut-scented anything.
  5. This tune. Lovelovelove.


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