4.2.09 bitchin' tunes

Today is a good day! And so was yesterday! Two in a row - shouldn't be legal! But I love it!

Actually, my soundtrack for the last 36 hours is totally killer... I have a new favorite song (live version embedded below) that I've been listening to non-stop since last night. I got to talk to a pal both last night and this morning, and her voice is sweet music to my ears. Another long conversation last night resulted in a musical pact of sorts...it's given me insight into a colleague that I really like, and has forced me to revisit some (questionable, to be sure) musical projects and decisions from my past. Add into the mix the arrival of a summer dress via the mail and a totally random solicitation to test a product on local tv, and it's been a pretty awesome two days!

But the sweetest sound? The voice of my trainer saying that my workout this afternoon was finished. I didn't work out last week at all, and I paid the piper today, my friends...whooooo, boy.


Tomorrow is all about chamber music, with the Pacifica Quartet (ahem, the Grammy-winning Pacifica Quartet!) playing a concert in the Barns. Sounds like another day with another fabulous soundtrack to me!

My five:
  1. Challenge. Especially once I've overcome it.
  2. Happiness...it's been elusive, so I'm glad it's hanging around for a day or two!
  3. Friends, new and old.
  4. Good music.
  5. Creativity
And here's the video...she'll be at the Barns on Wednesday - join me!


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