I've totally lost the ability to communicate in thoughts longer than 140 characters. Damn you, Twitter! But what I've lost in verbiage I've gained in culinary ability, as my poor little stove has been resurrected, and not a moment too soon. I will indeed be having a cup of tea before bedtime tonight... yup, getting a little crazy in the Rahree house!

I did in fact make it out for a little jog this morning, and had a productive, if disjointed, day at the office. As I was leaving the skies turned black and opened up...so nature provided me with another opportunity for exercise... running in heels is not so fun, for the record.


Wow. I'm even boring myself. I'll share these two things that made me smile and think.

And my five:
  1. This guy. Help him out - he's both deserving and totally fabulous.
  2. Candlelight.
  3. Good stories.
  4. Again...just read through it today at the piano, and think it's great!
  5. Time.


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