4.23.09 Attitude

Oh, today was to be a jam-packed day. Work, a lunch meeting, a quick run to the grocery store, a literal run with KPW, and dinner on the grill.

Things went a little awry in the wee morning hours. Usually Boo is a champion sleeper, but we were out walking, checking the constellations, from 2am until 4am. And while I'm a big fan of having the whole wide world to myself, I could've used a little less of it last night.

Hubby got up before I did and fed the dog. I got ready for work, walked Boo (who, for the record, seemed to be fine.) and headed to work. The dog walker (don't. judge.)was all set for the afternoon. Pretty boss lady brought me a soy latte - it was shaping up to be a beautiful day!

And it was! Mostly...

Fast forward to 5:30pm...post-work, post-grocery-store, pre-run. I walk into the house and was greeted by the unmistakable odor of...well...regurgitated poo.


The dog is crated and in a total tizz, covered in seven kinds of nastiness. The house reeks, and the cat is looking at me with big "DO SOMETHING!!!!" eyes.

Double ew.

No run, except for an emergency run to the Vet for an exam and meds. He's perking up a little (and is totally pissed that he doesn't get dinner this evening.), so I think we're out of the woods. And even though it was an unwelcome wrench in the day, it was easily surfable.

My five:
  1. Flexibility.
  2. Sass.
  3. Sharing good music.
  4. Wine. Sometimes it really is medicinal.
  5. Garden hoses. Boy, am I glad we have one with a great nozzle!


vkwheels said…
regurg...as in he ate it and re-poo...oh my lord.
Nick said…
I love the imagery of your cat staring with pleading eyes for you to do something...all with a very regal air, i'm sure.

Cats are such bitches. But I love 'em so!

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