4.28.09 soft landing

Hubby and pup and I skipped town for a few days and headed to Western Maryland for some needed R&R.

The weather? Gorgeous. Sunny, low humidity, warm, virtually bugless, with the most perfect breezes over the water.

An unforseen gift was the total lack of reliable phone and internet service. Sometimes the phone worked, sometimes not...so it was easier, and ultimately more refreshing, to just ignore it in favor of the scenery, the hound, the company.

My personal agenda? To make like a lizard and bask. I read two fabulous books, both of which I'm planning on diving right back into. (I have this overwhelming urge to drop everything, run away to Lisbon, and learn Portuguese.) I sunbathed, perhaps a little too much. I both ate salads (plural) AND napped (also plural), two feats that will inspire total disbelief in those that know me well. I got reacquainted with the joy of a cold beer on a dock in the mid-afternoon.

Now we're back, and I'm trying to decide whether to maintain the slightly slower pace that was so easy over the last few days, or to use this energy that I have to get all kinds of things done.

I think I'll choose door #1...

My five:

  1. The smell of sunned skin.
  2. Azaleas - I came back to find all of mine in bloom!
  3. Tired dog. :)
  4. Breezes.
  5. Homecomings


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