4.29.09 Really?!?

Again, it was shaping up to be a lovely day. Sunny and warm, my morning started with a rested feeling, a nice cup of coffee and some good conversation. I worked out with LG who taught me some new exercises...some of which I loved, and one in particular that I actually bellowed in frustration during. (If you're reading this LG, that little shuffle move can sleep with the fishes. Ugh!) Work was full of little details to complete before leaving the office for a little vacay (more on that later, certainly!), and complemented with lunch with a bud, a doggie play session and a jam session. A perfect day!

I ran home around noon to check on Mr. Yuk. He was such a mess yesterday that I just wanted to make sure that he was feeling better. It was a nice, momma-y thing to do! Right?

Hmmm... the detrius under the dining room table was a little different than normal. No shoes (hallelujah!), no magazines...

Napkins. Lots of napkins. And what looks like a can of... nuts?

(Insert Slap Chop "you're gonna love my nuts" joke here.)

Ok, so I know that nuts aren't great for dogs. And my particular pooch is on meds to keep things from...uh..leaving his system quickly. So I call my new best friends, the Vets.

And I'm told I need to induce vomiting. Hydrogen peroxide. 2 tablespoons, run him around, and wait for him to yak.



I am asking teh interwebs to help me. If I ever, ever post something on this blog that references getting a puppy? You are to reach out and slap me across the face.


So today I have 2 lists of 5...one for things that I'm thankful for/that make me happy. And one for wishes. One of which will indubitably be "a day free of gross bodily fluids from humans or animals." Because if I wanted this much gross? I woulda been a doctor, rather than an opera lady.

My regular five:
  1. A pooch on the mend.
  2. Great local vets.
  3. Sandal weather.
  4. A much-needed vacation.
  5. Supportive colleagues. (You can fire the dog, but please don't fire me!)
And my wish-list five:
  1. Healthy, happy family, friends and pets. (or no gross fluids. I'll take either, really.)
  2. Beautiful weather.
  3. Transcendence.
  4. Laughter.
  5. Beautiful music, both of the audible and internal sorts.


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