4.3.09 eyes closed

Back to the gym, after a bit of a hiatus. Lost some weight, got some muscle, signed up for a 5k this month (ACK!) that's probably going to kick my @ss. But I'm ok with it.

The trainer that I work with is fabulous. LG is smart, patient and has good humor to spare. I usually walk into our training sessions feeling a little nervous (not knowing what we're going to do, thinking that it'll be too hard and I'll be frustrated or humiliated...all remnants from middle school gym class, I feel sure.), talking a little too much and not concentrating on what's being asked of me. The more we work together, though, the more she sees through my little tricks and just makes me pant. It's hard to finish a sentence when you're trying to run ladders without tripping! She looks over my food journals every week, and while she makes great suggestions (that I almost never end up taking), she doesn't judge me based on what I eat or don't eat, or on how easily I make/don't make it through a workout.

After years of judging myself on how I measure up - or more frequently, don't measure up - her attitude is amazingly refreshing.

One of LG's sets yesterday was a simple shoulder press...handweights, shoulder height to start, then lifted over my head. To improve my balance, she had me do the first set standing on one leg, and the second on the other. Piece. Of. Cake. The third set was similar...standing on one leg (half the set on the right, half on the left), but this time with my eyes closed.

Eyes. Closed.

It was almost impossible. I could barely balance on one foot, let alone raise the weights overhead without falling off of my supporting foot. It was frustrating to the extreme...in the middle of a crowded gym, with all of these people getting an endorphin buzz from their workout...I wanted to cry. Bad form, Rahree, bad form! LG watched me struggle, and offered some suggestions that started to help. I got a few on one side before falling, and then the other... I tried to complete the set, moving much more quickly through them than I probably should have, but just trying to finish the task without cheating.

Done. Sans weeping. Whew.

It's amazing to me how much that one little step outside my comfort zone totally rocked my worldview...how closing my eyes paralyzed me to such a degree. There's a lesson for me in there somewhere, I feel sure...

My five:
  1. Patient, positive people. (Thanks, LG!)
  2. Spring thunderstorms.
  3. Extra quiet time in the morning.
  4. Good music.
  5. The room to sing.


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