The girl scout cookies arrived just as I was leaving for the gym...Coincidence?

I think not. Ohhh temptation...in samoa form.

Other than trying to avoid eating a whole box of cookies by myself in .7 seconds, it's been a busy day. This concert last night was super-fabulous...one of those nights when it's hard to fall asleep afterward. I'm sad that the area reviewers have missed a number of our chamber music concerts this year, as they've been pretty dang phenomenal. Last night's festivities were capped by a beautiful 3-year old princess who charmed our intern, ran around the reception, and twirled on stage until her mom and dad could separate from the crowd and return to their hotel. She can sing Ariel's tunes from The Little Mermaid pretty well already...maybe we can book her for 2026!

But a late night meant a late start this morning. I caffeinated, walked the dog, got ready for the gym, bounced out the door and just about ran over a smiley-faced girl scout with boxes of cookies. Cookies that I had totally forgotten about. Ugh. So I left the cookies on the stoop, drove to the gym and made it just in time for the kettlebell class. Sweet! But the instructor moves really, really fast! Not sweet! And then, to counteract the cookies that I knew I'd be inhaling later, I ran for a mile or so on the treadmill.

And then I had a cookie.

It was the best cookie in the history of cookiedom. The fact that I have a whole (well, almost) box of them to mete out over the next few days? That's called piece of mind, friends.

The most fun today though? Buying a little recording app for my iPhone, sitting at a piano, and noodling around in my quiet office. I've been promising myself that I'd start doing some writing, and all of a sudden it was easy! It flowed! I can't say that any of it is good, because I'm not ready to critique anything just yet...but at least I'm starting to collect some fragments, and to stretch that right side of my brain. Feels good!

Tonight is all about making dinner, doing some reading (singlegirl lent me the latest James Frey novel - I'll be on the couch all night! Thanks, lady!) and maybe even an early bedtime.

My five:
  1. Flip flops.
  2. Tired muscles.
  3. Red wine.
  4. Silly conversations.
  5. Clear, sunny days.


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