4.7.09 Organization: FAIL

I love organization. The Container Store, Real Simple Magazine, a clean desk... all things that call to me. I even have the word "Administrative" in my professional title. The sign of an organizational genius, right?


My files are barely up-to-date. I have office gak (a tape measure a little green mirror, and a broken Palm keyboard)from my predecessor...who left three years ago. Candy wrappers with pithy sayings, All Access Passes from the FC, photos and granola bars and vitamins, all share room with Collective Bargaining Agreements, marketing samples, ground plans and invoices.

But today my packrat tendencies were totally exposed.

I got locked out of my email.

After weeks of sending headshots, contracts, cut lists and measurement sheets, my mailbox was WAY over limit. Now, over limit is not really news in my case...every other week I get a nudge from LaJefa or KPW: "Hey, clean out your inbox." But my workplace has instituted a size limit...hit one number and you get an automated warning. Surpass that number and you're unable to send or receive email. But I go through my inbox and save all the pesky large attachments and delete the emails. Hey! I'm clean! I tell the IT director to put me on the program...I'm golden.

Within minutes I get an instant message from a colleague. "Hey, I sent u an email & it bounced back."

Do not pass go. Do not get a warning. Email cut off.

But this time I totally thought it WAS cleared out! I was good! Golden, even! And was shown that I had only but scratched the surface.


So tomorrow is Organization Boot Camp. It's a good thing...KPW has always wanted to be other of those folks who swoop in and show some poor slob how to make their space neater and more efficient.

And me, well, I'm the slob.

I've always wanted someone to make sense of my stuff. I will happily be providing Starbucks, lunch and copious iTunes as an offering to the organization gods... er... Goddess.

My five:
  1. Knowing my limits.
  2. Singing the same tune at the top of my lungs over and over again.
  3. Coconut...can't seem to get enough of it. Mmmm...
  4. White wine.
  5. Conversation, irl or online...love it all.


Just Call Me Goddess said…
Uh, just a little overstated...

And the... er... Goddess... is inappropriately enthusiastic about another opportunity to indulge her pathetic obssession with tidying and purging.

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