I'm organized! Woo-hoo! My email, my files, my bookcase...pristine. The top of my desk is a complete mess, but hey! Rome wasn't built in a day, you know.

After Organizapalooza 2009, the nice lady in the office next door to me was working on supertitles for Cosi, one of this summer's operas. It revolves around fidelity and, well, the lack thereof. So every once in a while I'd get an IM from her asking for synonyms for words and phrases...I'm totally hoping that "total losers" and "stuck-up ho" make it into the final version. That being said, if it does I hope our more life-experienced patrons don't make it a point to ask, "What does a hoe have to do with this scene? What's it stuck in? We're not in the garden until the second act! And, by the way - it's a typo. You spelled it wrong."

Short post tonight...had a great workout until my back protested and cut the session short, so I'm spending the evening trying to baby myself a little. Bath, early bedtime, and some medicine will hopefully make tomorrow a much, much nicer day.

My five:
  1. Baths. Aaaahhhhh...
  2. Visits from friends.
  3. Samoas... why those cookies taste so good?
  4. Homemade artwork.
  5. Laughter.


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