5.2.09 Things that make me happy, part 2,00,037

  • A poster that says "today is gonna RULE"
  • The guy that I almost clocked (unintentionally) outside the nail salon, who said to me "Boy, that smile looks good on your face!" Unironically. I love him.
  • Possibly the best ice cream ever. well, next to salted butter pecan...
  • Having my own blog show up on my Google Reader "Top Recomendations."
  • The poem "Music" by Anne Porter.
  • Singing full blast in the car.
  • This "Self-Rescuing Princess" t-shirt.
  • Chairs with personality.
  • Greg Sandow's take on the narrowing gulf between classical and pop music.
It's Saturday, overcast and dreary but perfect for lazing around and savoring a second (read: third) cup of coffee. Today's agenda is fairly light: taking a spinning class (my first one!), cleaning a little, weeding if the rain holds off, and packing for tomorrow's nostalgia trip. And the most important part? Creating a new, singin'-in-the-car playlist...because even though it's been decades since I've been back, I remember driving through the Land of No Radio, where the only 2 stations were Mainstream Country and Christian Talk...I sadly can't sing along to either choice.

This time? I'm not taking any chances. And if you have a favorite go-to tune that I should be singing at the top of my lungs while driving through Pennsylvania, please post it in the comments - I'm always looking for new music!

My five:
  1. Unstructured time.
  2. A walk down memory lane.
  3. Toad Hollow Rose- yum!
  4. Snapdragons.
  5. Getting dirty - I love mucking about in the yard!


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