5.1.09 new gym playlist

Ok, so I'm rekindling my romance with the gym. Here's the list of tunes that made me smile like a madwoman on the elliptical yesterday. (Boy, I hope they let me back in today...I promise I'm not reeeeeally crazy...)

  • Dejalo - Rilo Kiley
  • Tropicalia - Beck
  • Single Ladies (Aude club version. Don't. Judge.) - Beyonce
  • My Love - The Bird and the Bee
  • Helpless - Sugar
  • The Ark - Dr. Dog
  • Juicebox - The Strokes
  • Helicopter - Bloc Party
  • The Silence Between Us - Bob Mould
  • Release - Afro Celt Sound System (Sinead O'Connor on vocals)
  • Savanah Beat - African Drum Masters
  • Deep Dish - Ani DiFranco
  • Devil's Haircut - Beck
  • Pain Killer - Turin Brakes
  • The Fly - U2
  • Sabotage - Beastie Boys
  • I Met a Girl - Wheat
Let's hope that part 2 of the iPod mix is as motivating!

My five:

  1. Comfortable shoes. hoochiness optional.
  2. New recipes. the mirin/hoisin salmon was a success!
  3. Bravo daytime tv. it's a sickness, I know, but boy do I love it.
  4. Margaritas with Mom on Sunday. Looking forward to a huge hangover Monday morning.
  5. Working through things via sweat, rather than other methods.


vkwheels said…
afro celt sound system?
rahree said…


album #2 Release

(the indie radio station in Pgh, WYEP, had an awesome, diverse playlist...they're really the ones who found it, years ago.)

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