5.11.09 bleargh.

Well, the weather has tanked again and so has my mood. I'm feeling like a meteorological sissy for feeling so grumpy every time the weather hits 48 degrees +monsoon. But there you have it. I got a lot done at work, sang along with iTunes for most of the day, wrote a little bit at the piano, made a tasty dinner...I mean, really, it was a good day.

Totally good.

Except for my stinky mood.

And my cold feet. Which probably contributed to said stinky mood.

So I'm watching a silly movie with Brendan Fraser, and contemplating a hot bath, a cup of tea and a few more short stories from my new anthology. The nice things about even the worst days are that they end at some point...and since this wasn't really a bad day, there's not too much that a good night's sleep won't fix. Hoping for more sunshine and laughter tomorrow, for all of us.

My five:
  1. Bad days...to help me appreciate the good ones.
  2. Stories, whether truth or fiction.
  3. Bagels.
  4. Minor keys.
  5. Ink pens on newsprint.


nanah91 said…
Ah..Sweetpea..not tea...lovely vin...sweets the mind

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