I am always amazed at the difference in my mood after a little time on the elliptical with the iPod turned up as loud as it'll go. I'm probably totally obnoxious, sweating and tapping out rhythms on the handles. But there's nothing as good as having my own personal rock concert blaring in my ears as the resistance climbs.

Oh. Yeah.

I'd suggest that, if you encounter me in a crabby mood this summer, you remind me of this very post. You'll probably walk away headless (I'm not great at taking unsolicited criticism), but if it penetrates the Wall of Obstinancy, I'll thank you for it in a few hours time.

(If my husband is reading this, you know better.)

Work is starting to ramp up...I'm comparing notes from last year to make sure that I don't drop any (more) balls this summer. But there's a note of tension, and another of excitement, creeping into the air. It's making me a little more aware of the free time that I have, and I'll be spending a little less time online and on the phone when I don't need to be over the next few days. Trying to grab a little breathing room while the gettin's good!

My five:
  1. The gym. Who knew?
  2. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. My fav is a remake of Billy Joel's Only the Good Die Young. Listen for some sassy lyric changes...
  3. Almonds.
  4. Blue toenail polish.
  5. Crazy, unsettled dreams.


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