5.17.09 the calm before the storm

I love Sunday mornings. I slept in a little bit (until 8am! so decadent!), and am happily working my way through a vat of cafe au lait. I have the Sunday paper - and more importantly, the crossword puzzle - to work through. The house is clean (ish), and the only things on the schedule are a trip to the grocery store and a puppy play date.

Church is still not on the schedule. I had a great talk yesterday with SingleGirl and HoH about different churches - some that we liked, some that we were totally astounded with (negatively, sadly). SG raised the point that most folks our age start returning to church because they have children, and want to give them a spiritual, religious grounding. And that singles and married folks usually don't go to church because hey, lazy Sunday mornings with no agendas are nice and probably fleeting! I suppose I fall into that latter category, but I'm just about ready to get reinvested into a faith community...whether that means going back to the church that I was married in or to buckle down and start looking for places nearer to me, I'm not sure.

But the big news is that our first singers arrive this week! It's exciting - I cannot wait to have some music going on in the building. And this year's singers are by and large new to me, so I'm thrilled to hear some new voices, new stories. But it means that we're off to the races...lots to do, longer days, and the scattered attention that comes with running a busy summer program. I'm trying to fit in time with friends and hubby this week, knowing that the coming weeks will be jam-packed. The cell phone will be on 24-7, the email will be checked constantly...it's all about access!

I'm getting a little tired just thinking about it. (Jazzed too - to be sure. But a little tired.)

My five:
  1. Thoughtful discussion.
  2. Episodic work - much easier for me than constant, relentless pace of most business.
  3. Carbs. I wish I could be both svelte AND a breadatarian. It's not really working...
  4. Sleeping cat.
  5. Wind in the trees... some of my favorite music.


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