5.18.09 found objects

File this under "Lessons I've Learned from Boo."

This morning started out on the rough side...blankets in my face, one of hubby's buddies at the house before 7am, and a throbbing headache. I leashed the dog, put on my best "Don't even LOOK at me" face and headed out. Was squished off the sidewalk into the mud by a guy who was walking while sleeping, or at least in a morning fog. Hit the crosswalk at Maple, and a dude in a conversion van almost forgot to stop at the red light for a large dog and a seriously crabby pedestrian. (I'm sure my eloquent hand gesture helped him to remember.) Boo and I walked to a little park that's usually teeming with other dogs and people, on similar morning constitutionals...I figured we'd take the long way, since I had a little more room in my morning schedule.

The park was empty. The only companions we had were cardinals and robins and doves.

And a swan.

At the far side of the park, we happened along the little fellow in the picture above. Boo made a beeline for it, tail a-blazin'. He picked it up gently, and turned tail...he wanted to go home? But it was going to be a long-walk day...

Nope. Change of plan. Homeward, Jeeves!

Now he's prancing around the house, hiding under the dining room table, walking his "baby" past me to see if I'll try to take it away, alternately sitting with it, sitting on it, and trying to chew its face off. They are inseparable. It's the best surprise of the day so far. Maybe I should've left it there in the mud, for the parent or child who dropped it to reclaim. But the sheer doggie joy of finding THE BEST TOY EVER was impossible to deny.

I need to remember to keep my eyes open, to look for these small gifts, and to enjoy them as much as Boo is enjoying his swan.

My five:
  1. Peonies. I have pale pink and fuschia buds and blooms around the house, and they smell heavenly!
  2. Coffee. (it's pretty obvious when I write in the morning, isn't it?)
  3. Clean house, full fridge.
  4. Good conversations with friends.
  5. Prayer.


vkwheels said…
OMG! That is one of the cutest doggie stories I've heard in a looong time. Are you gonna start planting toys for him to find now?
rahree said…
i totally should! he was so happy today, that'd it be 100% worth it. :)
Anonymous said…
I love this so very much that I haven't known what to say about it. If I seem distracted over the next week or so, just keep in mind I'm on the lookout for swans.
rahree said…
oh, singlegirl, you ARE the swan, silly!

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