5.19.09 unnoticed progress

I had a great time with a friend last night - we went out to dinner, to celebrate the way she stood up to "The (Wo)Man" and all of the great opportunities that have surfaced since she declared her independence. We drank wine and gossiped, I ate my weight in the tastiest, pillowiest gnocchi in memory, and we told each other story after story... it was a fabulous night!

And then, at 0-dark-thirty, I was on my way to the gym for a fitness re-evaluation with my trainer.

And the body fat calipers.

Having eaten my weight in pasta the night before.


The upside is that I've made some real progress! Weight, BMI, even the readings from those pesky calipers...all down, and significantly. But the best part is that I'm stronger - I maxed out the arm strength measurement! YEAH! And - really the most important part - is that I've really grown accustomed to the routine...it's helping me to manage stress, my health, and it's keeping my outlook slightly rosier.

The downside? Well, if you take all the numbers, and weigh them against the length of time that I've been working on this, they're not all that impressive. The process has been amazingly gradual. I've not felt like I've been sacrificing anything, and in fact over the last two months I've totally abandoned any discipline that even resembles a food journal.

And did I mention that the summer season is almost here? Life is growing crazier by the minute. Long days, six day weeks, and the sense of excited urgency that accompanies seasonal work make for roller coaster emotions, and while I know I'd be better served by eating healthy and working out, sometimes my soul screams out for a Wendy's bacon cheeseburger and biggie fries. My physical challenges during the summer (the Filene Center steps aside) are twofold: finding time to work out regularly, and not eating every piece of crap (relating to nutritional value: I don't actually eat real, uh, crap.)that I find when I'm stressed out.

Those are pretty big challenges, my friends.

I'm using this little re-evaluation to jump start the next phase: exercising 3-4 times weekly, eating more veggies, keeping a food journal, and improving my VO2 max so I don't gasp like a fish so often.

Wish me luck. Or better yet, join me at the gym!

My five:
  1. An able, strong body. With some totally loveable pudge.
  2. Chicken broccoli pizza.
  3. Sunlight through the leaves.
  4. That drowsy feeling right before falling asleep.
  5. Progress.


Kim said…
I keep forgetting to tell you about the 7 things. It relates to Wendy's cheeseburgers. Remind me.
rahree said…
tell me that they're made of spun air and i can eat as many as i want. please??


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