5.25.09 memorial day

Happy Memorial Day!

There's lots going on in the DC area today...parades, a festival in my little town, church services, and services at Arlington and the monuments...many ways to celebrate the men and women who have kept us safe. I have a childhood friend serving overseas, so for the first time I'm feeling a little more of a connection to this holiday.

Usually I spend Memorial Day unabashedly wallowing in memories...I'm a nostalgic person to a fault, and love to replay and revisit people and events on my mental movie screen. I'm thinking today will be no exception: last night I dreamt that I was Hilary Clinton's Chief of Staff, and that we were mugging for a photographer in the breezeway of a high school as classes were letting out. At a computer station in said breezeway, there was a photo slideshow running, and up popped a picture of my mom and dad in an auditorium, obviously there to see me perform. I got a hitch in my breath when I saw my dad, and Hilary said "Go ahead, cry...let it out..." Now, even in dreamland I thought that was pretty manipulative of her, and certainly wasn't going to cry when there was a photographer around. But I woke up from the dream in tears.

Damn you, Hilary.

So while I'll be out running errands, visiting with friends and strolling into town to hear some music later today, my head will be decades and hundreds of miles away. Happily.

My five:
  1. Kung Fu Panda. Yet more proof that I'm a eight-year-old in old lady skin.
  2. Irises...I have yellow ones that just bloomed. What a lovely surprise!
  3. Jhumpa Lahiri. I love her writing.
  4. Sore muscles. I may be eating my weight in ice cream every chance I get, but I'm still going to the gym. Go, me!
  5. Memories


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