You can tell the DC-area weather by my posting habits. Sunny? Warm? Either or both, and I'm happy to write daily, even sometimes more frequently.

But again it's cloudy and cold, and I'm wishing that I hadn't packed quite all of my cold-weather gear away in the boxes where my skirts and sundresses spent the winter. But rather than bitch (but wait - whatever is stopping you, Rahree?), I'm going to walk the dog, maybe try to fit a pre-work jog in, and prepare myself to decimate my work to-do list. One of the guys I follow on Twitter always fits something positive or inspirational into his 140-character allotment, and today I'm taking his lead. It's all about positive attitude today! (I'll let you know how it works out.)

My five:
  1. Bath salts.
  2. Espresso. (Yes, I'm writing this in the morning. How did you know?)
  3. Blue nail polish.
  4. My fabulous hairdresser - in, out, and gorgeous in only an hour? Dahling!
  5. Fog.


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