5.28.09 the big cheese

This is my kind of race. All downhill, pursuing a worthy prize...I could totally get behind this.

Today's activities will alternate between desk work and furniture moving (tables, a digital piano, rehearsal cubes), with short breaks for a mini-recital and dinner with a buddy on the other side of the universe. (aka PG County, Maryland. It's a fur piece from the office, especially during rush hour!) Even though the big influx of artists don't arrive until Monday, we're firmly in whack-a-mole mode in the office...I think it's taken us all a bit by surprise.

My five:
  1. Misty morning walks.
  2. Sushi lunches.
  3. Running until I wheeze...(I know, but I'm grateful that my body does what I tell it to. Most times, anyway)
  4. Heavy jewelry.
  5. Notes from friends.


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