5.30.09 missed anniversaries

Well, I not only missed my poor blog's three-year anniversary, but also missed several posting milestones. This is post #601. Eek! If you've made it this far with me, buy yourself a drink and pat yourself on the back! And thanks for following along - I know it's often amazingly light on content, but I so appreciate the comments and email. I love my extended interwebs family! I've been thinking a lot lately about the role of this little project in my life...I have friends who have decided to walk away from their writing, others who have resumed after a significant hiatus. Some write about work, some refuse to write about work for fear of being Dooced, I'm sure. I think most of you who read this probably know who I am and what my professional gig is - there aren't millions of us out there. And I know that some folks only read this in the fall, when I write more specifically about work and our audition tour. But this is - obviously, I hope - not a work blog. (or, if it were, it'd be the worst one EVER.) There are many people who write more eloquently about our business, about the arts in general than I ever will. And while it may be something that I aspire to on some level, it's not what this is about.

Because, if I only wrote a work-sanctioned blog, how could I post things like this? And this? And, for the love of the f-bomb, this?

You get it, right? You smell what I'm steppin' in.

Anyhoo, it's a beautiful day today in our nation's capital region - sunny and warm, without the soaking humidity that usually accompanies summer weather. I had big plans for today; a doggie 2k with Boo and Mischabelle and Wrigley, grocery shopping, a good workout, and some quality porch time with another volume of short stories borrowed from LaJefa. My body is not so much cooperating, though...it's achy and sore, and really is only interested in the last items on my to-do list. Rather than pushing through it, I think that I'll listen for once. The iPod is on my mellow playlist (Weepies, Pete Yorn, Elliot Smith, Band of Horses, Cassandra Wilson), and I'm contemplating a third cup of coffee, a hot shower, and the replacement of my pjs with something similar, if not exactly the same. The upcoming week will be a challenge, so soaking up a little extra leisure time today is probably a perfect prescription.

My five:
  1. Cushioned porch furniture.
  2. Bug repellent. Buying stock in Off! as soon as I finish this post.
  3. Songs I can sing along with. Even better if I can easily harmonize.
  4. These pants. They're perfection.
  5. A purring kitty headrest. He's so thoughtful, my cat!


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