This is my mantra for today. By the time you read this I'll be in my car, more than likely singing at the top of my lungs, making a six hour journey that is going to take me back twenty years.

Heavy stuff.

But I'm going to embrace it...the drive, the memories, the changes, the tears and laughter. It should prove to be a rich, rich journey.

And maybe even one that I'm actually, finally, ready to make.

My five:
  1. iTunes and ranch doritos and vats of diet soda, my road-trip necessities. Oh, and gas also.
  2. Arriving at my destination hoarse from all the singing.
  3. Embracing a total nostalgia trip.
  4. Sharing a hotel room with my mother and a 140 pound dog. Hmmmm....
  5. Saying goodbye, and thank you.

btw the awesome graphic can be found here


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