5.31.09 miscellany

  • Anne Midgette wrote a great series for washingtonpost.com (excerts from a lecture she gave for the Friday Morning Music Club) about classical music and our definition of "amateur." As a non-performer (as of late), my favorite quote is, "I think most of us who love music are sorry that the general experience of it has evolved (or devolved) from active to passive. Where once the audience bought piano arrangements and played chamber music at home, fans now are simply listeners, whether in the concert hall or at home on CD." While I don't have any desire to perform professionally anymore, I still do play quite a bit (Musicnotes.com is my newest drug of choice) but having the occasion to collaborate is something I miss terribly. And I still struggle with the passive aspects of being an audience member...I don't just want to listen to the pretty noise, I want to make the noise!

  • I took this test and got a 7. Pretty decent, all things considered! I now have concrete proof that all my childhood whining to get the big box of crayola crayons was justifiable.

  • While I love email and Facebook messages and Twitter, I want real mail. Written. Cancelled stamps. Penmanship. Postcards and letters... messages that are less ephemeral, that are keepsakes. Proof of my relationships. I have promised my friend JG in Poland that I'll send him a postcard...and I'm willing to make good on that promise to any of you that read, too. If you want a real note, shoot me an email with your address! I'm buying pretty stationery and a good pen, just in case...
Today is an easy day, with a few things on the agenda...gym, work for a few hours, laundry. But Monday will be my first 12 hour day of the summer...lots of new faces, a full schedule of meetings and entrance interviews, a picnic and a session of Death By Aria. Can't wait! :)

My five:
  1. Nerdy magazines. Sometimes I just don't care about fashion trends or truffles or exercises that make my butt look smaller.
  2. Showing up. Most of the time, that's all you have to do...
  3. Not having to do my hair or makeup before I leave the house.
  4. This album. Thanks to TexasAvocado for turning me onto it!
  5. Pocky. Yay!


Anonymous said…
I got a 7 too. Fun!

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