DC is feeling distinctly non-southern...in fact, it's feeling a little more like Seattle lately, with all the clouds and rain. I appreciate days like these every once in a while, but I'd really, really like to see a little bit of sun. Mama needs her vitamin D!

The plants in my yard are less demanding than I am...they could care less about sunshine, it seems! This azalea bush is massive and has exploded into a flowery heap on the side of the house. It's our first spring in this house, and I am totally in love with the plants and flowers that are springing up. (And I'm relieved that I haven't killed everything just by merit of moving in...maybe the reign of the Black Thumb is coming to an end!) The only odd interlopers that we have (besides weeds by the cubic foot) are mushrooms....it's been so wet, so dark, that my hard-fought mulch is covered in mushrooms.

Still trying to get back into the swing of things at work. There are lots of details that I've missed in being away for a week, and it's going to take a little bit just to dig out. But RT is in the office now, and he's chipping away at all of the big-picture things that we lose sight of in the busyness that is the season. His arrival means that the other folks, admins and coaches and singers and interns, will be arriving soon...it's very exciting, but I have MILES to go before that can happen!

So, before work I'll take a little meditative stroll with the pooch (I hope he gets the memo that it's not a racing morning but a relaxing morning!), roll into work, amass the largest to-do list in the history of man, and start crossing things off the list. It's a plan!

My five:
  1. An excuse to walk several miles every day. (make that "a lovey-dovey excuse"...Boo's being quite a sweetie-pie this morning!)
  2. Vibrant colors, even under grey skies.
  3. Contentment.
  4. Good music, of all genres.
  5. Laughter.


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