Busy day today!

The morning started on the early side with a Board meeting. Slide shows, speeches, lots of guys (and a few women) in suits who were obviously not part of our artsy, casual office culture. I did rock a smashing new suit for the meeting, and had the chance to chat about the upcoming season with a few of our staunch supporters. Plus there was coffee and yogurt...my excitement about the free food only proves that I am still a college student at heart, scrounging for breakfast at every and any opportunity.

Meetings, lunch with a friend, more meetings, and the tying up of a few loose ends and it was 5:00. And then? My SlapChop segment aired on TV! (It'll be up on the net here.) It wasn't nearly as cringe-worthy as I had worried, but they totally did not leave in my best bon mots. (And, just so you know, tv cameras add more like 15 pounds...ugh.)It was such a fun, great opportunity! I've had a few opportunities to be on local news shows, and while I always feel a little like the slowest kid on the playground when the camera's rolling, I really do enjoy the experience.

And then I walked the dog. Or tried to...he sat down in the driveway and wouldn't budge, no matter how I pulled or cajoled. I struggled with him to the corner, and then realized that, in my rush to get home and bask in my technicolor glory, I totally forgot to feed Boo!

Bad, bad dog mommy...all that fame is already going to my head.

My five:
  1. Feeling good.
  2. Sunshine.
  3. New opportunities.
  4. Dog lips.
  5. Homecomings.


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