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Oh, how happy am I that it's Friday?


I love having time off, but routine is really, really good for me. And after a week out of the office and four days back in, I'm starting to feel like myself again. A really busy, slightly harried version of myself, for sure, but you get the picture. After years of skipping meetings ("I have rehearsal." "I'm working with a student." "Meetings make me break out in hives.") I still can't really get the hang of a scheduled, adult meeting. Impromptu meetings? I'm so there...let's just get in a room and talk! But presentational meetings make me a little nuts. And I've spent more hours in meetings over the last few days than doing actual "work."

So I'll be heading back in to do a little work this weekend, and will probably do a little bit of recreational music-making as well...gotta grab the opportunities while I can, before the singers arrive, right? Right. And anyway, I have some ideas that need a little attention...

But tonight? Recovering from a good but tough workout and a long workday with a glass of rose and a little chocolate. Perfection!

My five:
  1. Interesting discussions.
  2. Sunshine. Never overrated.
  3. Challenge.
  4. Purple toes.
  5. Unstructured time.


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